AI Language Learning Tools


Univerbal is an AI-powered language learning tool that allows you to practice speaking a new language in unscripted and dynamic conversations with unique AI personas.


MyShell is a pioneering AI bot creation and interactivity platform. It features Auto Prompt for generating pro bot prompts in a snap, and Voice Cloning

Think In Italian AI Language Tutor

Think In Italian’s AI Language Tutor offers tailored, dynamic lessons through authentic conversations to help anyone learn Italian. It can adapt to your level, provide

DeepL Write

DeepL Write is a free AI-powered writing companion that is great for improving your writing in English and German. After typing or pasting in your

Language Atlas

Language Atlas is a freemium platform where people can learn languages with AI. You can sign up for free and get access to the beginner

Loop English

Loop English is an AI language learning app for mobile that helps you to learn perfect Business English. The app is available for iOS and


Dictation is a speech recognition tool for Google Chrome that transcribes your spoken words into another language in real time. It supports many languages, and


Babbel is an engaging language learning app that helps you speak with confidence in over 10 different languages. With its new AI speech recognition functionality,


Kansei is an free AI chatbot app that makes language learning fun and easy. You can chat with personalized companions in Spanish, English, Italian or

ELSA Speak

ELSA is an AI-powered mobile app that helps you improve your English pronunciation and speaking skills. It provides personalized feedback and coaching through fun dialogues


Clozemaster is a fun and engaging language learning game that uses AI and machine learning to help with vocabulary practice in over 50 different languages.


FixMeBot is an AI-powered language assistant based on the Telegram platform that can enhance your communication in different languages. The app offers flawless texts and

AI tools to assist with language learning and linguistics.