ThinkDiffusion is like having your own personal AI art lab. It brings pro-level AI art tools to everyone by providing the latest Stable Diffusion UIs to any device with a browser in just a few clicks (or taps). Bleeding-edge open source AI Art tools are much more powerful than general market products like Midjourney & Dall-E. But pro-level tools need technical skills to install components like Python, CUDA drivers and xFormers, not to mention expensive computer hardware to run well on. With ThinkDiffusion, having your own personal supercomputer configured and ready to go is as simple as clicking launch, with top-tier models, ControlNet and the most popular extensions already preloaded.

Additional virtual machines can easily be launched in separate browser tabs, and can all be used simultaneously, even from your phone. Now anyone can be a mad AI art scientist without needing a lab or equipment, and have creative freedom and mastery over their work.