Omost brings the power of LLMs into Stable Diffusion, allowing you to craft perfect image prompts with the help of AI. This tool turns the entire image creation process into a more streamlined and easy-to-use chat interface. Simply start chatting to the AI and tell it what sort of image you’re looking to generate. You don’t have to be super specific, since the whole point of the LLM is to take your initial prompt then expand and craft onto it for you. Once your image has been generated, you can continue chatting to the AI and ask it to make any changes (for example, changing the background, key characters, art style, etc.)

Omost is free to access on the Hugging Face space and can also be ran locally on your PC. A GPU with 8GB+ of VRAM is recommended and at least 16GB RAM (Omost benefits a lot from more RAM.)