Artbreeder is an AI image creation and editing platform that gives you all the tools you need to make amazing AI-powered art. There are quite a few different tools available, we’ll list a few of our personal favorites down below! Each free account gets 3 credits per month, with the ability to earn more free credits by contributing and taking part in various community contests. It’s also worth noting that when using tools like the Image Mixer, you can always use images from the community as well as uploading your own.

Key Features

Mixer: Blends images and text to create new hybrid images. You can combine multiple images and add text prompts to produce unique remixes.

Tuner: Gives you more fine-grained control over image generation. You can tweak attributes like symmetry, entity, style, and content filters to get your desired output.

Patterns: Generates images based on a pattern image and text description you provide. Great for creating landscapes, animals, portraits and more based on the pattern.