AI Game Dev Tools

Polycam Material Generator

Polycam’s free AI Material Generator tool allows you to easily create realistic 3D textures just by typing a text prompt. Simply describe the type of


Inworld is a development platform for AI characters. The tool allows you to create and generate AI characters built for real-time, interactive conversations that can


Ponzu is one of the first AI-powered texture generators that allow you to create 3D assets with ease. Feed Ponzu any prompt, select a style

Animate Anything

Animate Anything is an AI animation tool that lets you rig and animate your 3D models. Simply upload your static 3D models and the AI

Dream Textures

Dream Textures is an open-source Stable Diffusion plugin for Blender currently available on GitHub. It allows you to create a wide range of textures, concept

Luma AI

Luma AI lets you use your phone’s camera to capture objects and render them as keyframes which can then be imported into game engines like


PixelVibe is an AI game assets generator from that lets you easily generate characters, environments, tiles, props, and more game assets using generative AI.


TileMaker is an open-source project that allows you to easily create tileable images and seamless textures. The tool is powered by Material Diffusion, and utilizes

Scout by

Scout by is an AI-powered visual search engine that allows you to search and find 3D models across multiple stock marketplaces by uploading a


Convai lets you create and connect intelligent characters to your virtual world with ease. The tool has an intuitive interface which lets you develop characters


Charmed is a web-based toolkit that uses AI to assist game developers in the creation of 3D art assets for video games and other applications.


Sloyd is an AI-powered online 3D model generator that allows you to easily create customizable, game-ready 3D assets through an intuitive text-to-3D interface. It provides

Useful AI tools for game development. Includes tools to generate game assets, textures, characters, code, and more. Game development just got a whole lot easier!