Ai Pin

Ai Pin by Humane is a personal AI assistant clip-on device packed with futuristic tech in a unique screen-free design. This slim gadget clips onto your shirt and lets you perform gestures to operate it. For example, simply say “Catch me up” and Ai Pin analyzes all your digital conversations using natural language processing to identify key details. It then projects a dynamic heads-up display onto your palm, transforming your hand into a vibrant canvas for text, graphics and UI using safe laser beam scanning technology.

Ai Pin is also able to take photos with a 120° wide-angle optical sensor for 13MP photos and 1080p video. It runs on a Snapdragon octa-core processor plus 4GB RAM to enable smooth on-device AI experiences. The Ai Pin is currently available to pre-order and is due to begin shipping orders in March 2024.