Eraser AI

Eraser AI is a technical design copilot that’s able to streamline technical design workflows for developers and engineering teams. It can serve as a copilot for creating, editing, and documenting diagrams, architectures, and design documents using natural language prompts. Some more detailed use cases for this particular tool can be found on the main website, and include things like data flow diagrams, design docs, and wireframes.

Key Features

  1. Diagram Generation: Generate diagrams effortlessly by describing your requirements in words, covering cloud architectures, database schemas, and more.
  2. Iterative Editing: Leverage AI assistance to edit and improve diagrams, handling tedious changes while you focus on strategic thinking.
  3. Diagramming as Code: Eraser AI outputs diagrams as editable code, enabling easy maintenance and version control.
  4. Collaborative Environment: Share diagrams and documents with teammates, facilitating real-time collaboration, comments, and presentations.
  5. Documentation Capabilities: Create outlines and documentation for technical design docs using Eraser AI’s markdown editor.