Glimpse is a next-generation, free AI-powered copilot that revolutionizes your browsing experience. It’s the only AI browser extension that can understand the content of any website, cite sources in its responses, and access real-time internet information. The chatbot, AI assistant, and website editor powered by OpenAI technology seamlessly integrates into your browser, offering conversational, writing, and editing assistance. As the only persistent chatbot available, Glimpse retains conversations across all browsing tabs, delivering an unmatched, continuous user experience.

It’s perfect for writing, homework, work, and so much more. Whether you’re reading a large document, drafting an email, or conducting research, Glimpse is around to assist. The extension’s ability to generate content, assist with homework, presentations and essays, write, summarize long articles and videos, and even follow expertly crafted prompt templates makes it a handy tool for everyone. In some cases, Glimpse can also function as an adblock, keeping your browsing experience clean and secure.