Talkie: Soulful Character AI

Talkie: Soulful Character AI is a 17+ themed character creator that lets you bring your your wildest fantasies and companions to life! This app lets you craft and chat to your own AI companions with unique personalities, backstories, and multimodal experiences. When chatting with your companion, you can even listen to their responses through voice messaging.

Discover a World of AI Personalities

Immerse yourself in a creative journey with diverse AI personas, from crafting your ideal companion to immersive role-playing. What sets Talkie apart? Their groundbreaking multi-modal approach brings audio and visual interactions with characters to life in a way that’s truly unique. Explore handcrafted personalities in a vibrant community—chat with virtual characters or create your own. Whether you enjoy imaginative roleplay or realistic interactions, Talkie, with its unparalleled visual and audio experience, takes your connection with AI to new levels.

Craft Your Ideal AI Companion

Express your uniqueness with simple tools to design an AI that evolves with you. Personalize appearance, voice, and thinking for a lifelong companion. Experience the joy of building your ideal AI buddy from scratch, with multi-modal features making the journey even more captivating!

Immerse Yourself in an AI Wonderland

Live out adventures with your AI as your ultimate companion. Explore fantasies, chat with a 24/7 friend for support, and redefine your connection with AI in ways you’ve never imagined.