Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a unified collaboration and communication platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. It is designed to facilitate teamwork and provide a central hub for collaboration within an organization. MS Teams also has several useful AI features directly integrated into it, which we will go over in more detail below. Microsoft Teams is available for free to everyone, including small businesses and non-profit organizations. For advanced features and bigger teams, paid business-class solutions are also available.

AI Features

  • Intelligent Capture: Teams uses AI to transcribe audio during meetings, allowing you and your team to search through transcripts and capture important discussion points. It can also identify different speakers and generate automatic meeting notes.
  • Natural Language Processing: Teams integrates with large language models like GPT to enable natural conversations within the app. Users can ask questions or give instructions in plain language, and the AI can understand context and intent to provide relevant information or take appropriate actions.
  • Content Intelligence: AI helps surface relevant files, conversations, and data from Microsoft 365 based on the current discussion context within Teams. This can improve information discovery and knowledge sharing within your team.
  • AI-Powered Apps and Bots: Developers can build AI-powered apps and chatbots for Teams using Microsoft’s AI and ML services. These can be used to automate workflows, provide intelligent recommendations, answer questions, and enable voice interactions.
  • Real-Time Translation: Teams can also utilise AI for multi-language translation during meetings, allowing all attendees to communicate easier across languages.